Security Of Payment And Shipping In Online Shopping

Clearly agree on the price and method of payment. Never pay large sums to someone you don’t know, no matter how reliable they may seem.

Various Payment Methods Can Be Used:

– Cash payment – By paying cash, you can trade give and take. However, do not send cash by mail. Security signs have been incorporated into all euro banknotes so that they can easily be distinguished from fakes.

– Giro / Bank – A bank transfer is a secure method of payment. The risk with this payment method, however, is that you are paying for a product that you have not previously inspected and that you do not yet have in your possession. Therefore, only use this method if you trust the seller. Your money cannot be returned to your account afterwards (reversal).

– PayPal – With PayPal, you can pay or be paid directly online through your bank account or credit card. If you pay with PayPal for products that can be sent, your purchases are often unlimited protected.

– Cash on delivery – In case of cash on delivery, payment is made at the door, to the postman, when the product is delivered. The downside to COD is that you can only review the product after paying the factor. So it could be a brick instead of a laptop. Therefore, only use COD if you trust the seller. If you doubt the postman’s authenticity, ask them for identification. If the letter carrier cannot present it, do not pay.

– Western Union and MoneyGram – Money Transfer payment services are only suitable for paying cash to someone you know and therefore we do not recommend this method. Indeed, the recipient can obtain the money on presentation of a Money Transfer control number (MTCN) that he receives from the sender. Thus, money can be collected completely anonymously and without leaving any traces.

– Checks – Be careful if a buyer wants to pay by check. These may be overseas buyers who want to pay with bounced or counterfeit checks. They often offer more than the asking price. We advise you to contact your bank before accepting this type of payment. Scammers can deposit money into your account with a foreign check. Only a month later, the bank realizes that the check is bounced. In the meantime, you have probably already delivered the item or you have lost your money. Therefore, avoid using checks.

– Be careful with international payments.

– Ask what the warranty and transaction fees are (so you don’t have to pay extra fees).

– Have the products shipped safely. If you are not doing the selling / buying in person, make clear arrangements for shipping and any freight and insurance costs. Consider using registered shipping, so that you always have proof of postage. For example, you can agree to share these costs.