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10 Tips For Successful Shopping

We usually buy chaotically and pointlessly, even if we leave home with something set in mind. We set out to buy shoes and return with a dozen T-shirts that we don’t necessarily need.

The worst thing is when we take things we never wear, because we realize that we don’t like them anymore, and the most hilarious fact in this whole situation is that not even we manage to understand each other

We offer below a small list that you must take into account when planning a day of shopping. Meditate on it and apply!

Before you leave home, make a list of the things you really need. Even if the store presentation will try to tempt you, be strong and stick to the list;

Don’t forget that a day of shopping for miles is waiting for you , so choose a pair of comfortable shoes. Also, make sure you can take off your shoes quickly if you want to try on shoes. If you are “hunting” for a dress or a pair of elegant pants for a party, take a pair of high-heeled shoes with you. You will find out more easily what works and what doesn’t work with the outfit you want to make;

Even if you have several bras, wear the one that best enhances your breasts on this day. A proper bra can make a huge difference in how clothes “fall” on you;

Do you think you can’t make any decisions on your own? We do not agree. It is better to go shopping without a partner (I don’t think you will object here), but you can “forget” your best friend at home. Every person has their own tastes, therefore, they are unlikely to be 100% objective when you ask their opinion;

Not even a company suit will suit you if it is not the right measure. Check the seams of the suit, not to be stretched to the maximum, the pants to cover the arch of the foot when wearing shoes, and the sleeves to be above the wrist. Pay more attention to the bust buttons, skirts that are shorter at the back and make sure there are no annoying fat coils above the waist belt.

Even if you are only interested in one piece of a suit, try it on. It will be easier to get an overview and accessorize it correctly;

Don’t be misled by the sizes on the label . They differ depending on the manufacturer. Before entering the test cabin, take with you at least two successive measures, so that you do not get dressed and undress indefinitely;

You know how some sellers are… or they don’t pay attention to you, or they pay too much attention to you, or if they compliment you, you have the impression that they are just looking to sell their goods. Therefore, do not let them intimidate you, be confident and choose for yourself. If it seems to you that something is not right for you and does not make you feel OK, don’t buy it just in the hope that you might change your mind;

To buy or not to buy… what should it be? If you are not sure that you want to buy an item, go home, and if after a few days you are still thinking about it, it means that it must be yours;

You looked, you chose, you tried and now you want to buy. Ask first if and under what conditions you can return clothes that do not fit you or have defects. If the store does not receive the goods back, you may want to look carefully at the clothes again.