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BAAC Bylaws

Adopted December 2007

Adopted April 2014


Name, Purpose, and Objectives

1.1    Name.    The name of this organization is The Black Alumni Advisory Council (hereafter referred to as BAAC) of the University of Illinois at Chicago (hereafter referred to as UIC).

1.2    Purpose.  The purpose of BAAC is to elaborate on the mission, aims, and general welfare of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in collaboration with the UIC Alumni Association (hereafter referred to as UIAA) with particular focus on the needs and concerns of Black alumni, students, faculty and staff.  In addition, BAAC aims to maintain communication and dialogue with UIC administration and faculty. Such communication include matters affecting the accessibility of University programs and services to Black alumni, students, faculty and staff and the development of policies and procedures promoting wider participation in University and campus affairs.

1.2.1            UIAA Mission: The mission of the University of Illinois Alumni Association is to enhance and advance the relationship between the University of Illinois and all of its alumni. We inspire lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni and friends by strengthening their continued relationship with the University in every way.

1.2.2            UIAA Vision: The University of Illinois Alumni Association is a self-governing alumni association respected by all as representing the independent voice of alumni. It is a strong and collaborative partner with the University of Illinois and related organizations. It is largely self-reliant for funding, while at the same time offering cutting-edge programs and communications as well as state-of-the-art technology. Extensive outreach programs connect with young alumni, and intentional efforts are made to engage Asian, Hispanic and African-American alumni. The UIAA continually maximizes its resources and facilities to demonstrate professionalism and build lasting relationships with its constituencies.

1.3    Objectives.  The objectives of BAAC include such things as the following:

1.3.1    To encourage UIC Black alumni to support the goals and mission of the University of Illinois Alumni Association (hereafter referred to as UIAA) and BAAC, and to increase their interaction with UIC through communication, outreach, networking, education, and events.

1.3.2    To serve as a voice for UIC Black alumni.

1.3.3    To mentor future and current Black students and Black alumni.

1.3.4    To enhance the welfare and advancement of programs that affects the success of Black students at UIC.

1.3.5    To provide scholarship assistance to Black students.

BAAC Membership and Meetings

2.1    All Black UIC alumni are eligible to be members of BAAC. 

2.2    All Black students who formerly attended UIC are eligible to be members of BAAC.


2.3    All current and former Black UIC Faculty and staff are eligible to be members of BAAC.


2.4    All memberships are annual and will expire on the enrollment date the following year unless it is renewed.


2.5     BAAC has the right to revoke membership on the grounds of detriment of character if members conduct themselves in a manner that may be unfavorable to the organization


2.6     All voting members of BAAC must be due paying members of BAAC a quarter prior to elections.


2.6.1  This privilege also includes the right to nominate as well


2.6.2   BAAC due amount is determined at the discretion of the Executive board with consideration from both UIAA and a General Meeting consensus of due paying members.


2.6.3   If a due paying member wishes to run for an elected position, they must be a due paying member for a full year prior to elections.


2.6.4  All committee members must be a paid member prior to their service on a committee.


2.7     Members of BAAC are encouraged to become dues-paying members of the UIAA.

2.7.1  Once a member has been elected to office, in compliance with SECTION THREE, the member will be required to also become financial with UIAA.


2.8    General meetings of BAAC will be held four times per fiscal year.  


3.1    BAAC will be governed by an Executive Board.  The officers of BAAC shall be the President (elected), Vice-President (elected), Corresponding Secretary (elected), Recording Secretary (elected), Treasurer (elected) and Sargent-at-Arms (appointed)  Chairpersons who are (appointed) to the standing committee(s) are official voting members of the Executive Board.  One non-voting student member shall be included on the Executive Board.  Officers will be elected by majority vote of dues-paid BAAC members.


3.1.1 Officers of BAAC must be current, dues-paying members of the UIAA.


3.2 BAAC Standing Committees shall be known as Communications, Programming, University Relations, Fundraising and Membership Development which all are detailed in SECTION FOUR of the By-Laws.

3.3    Elected officers shall serve two-year terms with a two-consecutive term limit.  Appointed committee chairpersons shall serve a one-year term with a two-consecutive term limit.

3.4    The President shall be the presiding officer and shall have general supervision over the affairs of the organization.  He/She shall preside at board meetings and events.  In his/her absence, the Vice-President shall preside.  If neither of these two senior officers is present, the members shall designate a presiding officer.  The President acts as ex-officio member of all committees.

3.4.1 In conjunction with UIC Staff and the Alumni Association leadership, it is the responsibility of the President to lead and provide direction to the organization and interpret and redefine the mission as necessary. The Presidential Roles & Responsibilities are outlined as, but not limited to: Chair all the meetings of the Alumni Association Membership and the Executive Committee Make all required appointments of standing and AD Hoc committees Serve as an ex-officio member of all clubs and committees sanctioned by the Executive Committee, with the exception of the Nominating Committee (AD Hoc committees) Promote the welfare and further the objectives of BAAC Serve as spokesperson (or duty appoint another spokesperson in his/her stead) for the Association to the press, legislative bodies, groups or organizations within the College and public at large. Work with the secretary in the development of the agenda for the meetings Encourage the Executive Committee’s role in the strategic planning

3.5    The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, acts as the presiding officer.  He/She assists the President in carrying out his/her responsibilities.  In the event of the President’s resignation or incapacitation, the Vice-President shall become President.  In this event, he/she shall serve out the unexpired term of the President. The Vice President Roles & Responsibilities are outlined as, but not limited to:


3.5.1 Acting as the liaison to one or more of the following groups: students, faculty, administration, University committees, and other University employees


3.5.2 Perform any other duties assigned or delegated by the President or the Executive Committee


3.5.3 Serve on the Nominating Committee


3.5.4 Oversee the treasury of BAAC and the official second signature on all official withdrawals/accounts exceeding the necessary amount specified under the Treasury Responsibilities.

3.6    The Corresponding Secretary or his/her authorized designee shall keep the official membership roster and issue a notice of all general meetings and BAAC Executive Board meetings to the appropriate individuals. He/She shall perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


3.7 The Recording Secretary or his/her authorized designee shall keep minutes or summaries of all BAAC meetings and distribute them accordingly. He/She shall perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


3.7.1 As set by the Executive Board, there will be a standard timeline of communication expected when distributing meeting minuets, official paperwork, and any other documentation subjected for review prior to next meeting. There is an allotted 2 weeks (10 business days) to have all notes transcribed and distributed to all attended members per their review and suggestion revision. All members who receive documentation are allotted 1 week (5 business days) to respond with any corrections/suggestions, to ensure that the documentation may be approved/adopted at the next meeting. If no corrections were submitted, it is assumed documentation is approved as is.


3.7.2 In the event that documentation is unable to be distributed in the timeline outlined in 3.7.1, the Recording Secretary is expected to communicate the delay  with the President, no later than 2 business days prior to the expected deadline with (1) a progress of current work and, (2) expected completion date. At which time the President will either negotiate appropriate timeline or accept and communicate delay with the attending members awaiting documentation.

3.8    The Treasurer is the chief financial officer and shall see that full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements are kept in BAAC financial records.  He/She or the duly authorized designee shall see that all monies and other valuable properties are deposited in the name and to the credit of BAAC. The Roles and Responsibilities of the Treasure are defined as, but not limited to:


3.8.1 Working with the President to develop an annual budget and present same to Executive Committee for approval


3.8.2 Working with the Committee Chairs to develop an annual budget and present same to Executive Committee for approval


3.8.3 As chief financial officer, there shall be a collaborative efforts of checks-and-balance between the Treasurer and the Vice President, who will serve as  the second signature for all accounts and withdrawals of over $100.


3.8.4 For all purchases seeking reimbursement, Treasure must direct inquiry to the Executive Board, and in time of a short notice the President, to authorized prior approval.


4.1    The President shall appoint members of BAAC to serve as chairpersons of the following standing committees.  The Chairs of the standing committees shall report at the executive committee meetings and the general body meetings.

1.    Communications
2.    Programming
3.    University Relations
4.    Fundraising
5.    Membership Development


4.1.1 See Appendix-A for chair descriptions

4.2    The Executive Board of BAAC will create ad hoc committees as needed to address projects and concerns as raised by BAAC or the committee.


5.1  The following election procedures are to be followed by the BAAC meeting when elections are required by the By-Laws.

The Board elects from its membership the statutory Officer positions of President, Vice President, Correspondence Secretary, Recording Secretary, and a Treasurer.   The procedures relating to the election of these Officers and the term of each office are set forth in these bylaws.  The roles, responsibilities, and abilities of each position are described in subsequent addendums of this document.
5.2.    Term of Officers set forth in these By-Laws shall be set as a two (2) year term with a two-year consecutive term limit spanning from August 1-July 31.


5.2.1 The time frame for each term will be from August 1 to July 31, giving August for a Transition month and each new position taken on their new role after being presented to the General Body come the first General Body Meeting in September.


5.3   Election of officers shall be conducted as the first order of business of the Annual General Meeting usually set in the month of June, in accordance with this procedure.


5.4    Protocol of the Meeting to Conduct Election of Officers

5.4.1  The Sergeant-At-Arms shall preside over the initial part of the meeting to elect Executive Officers of the Board. Immediately following the election of President, the elected President of the Board shall assume office and preside over the remainder of the meeting. The remaining statutory officer positions are then elected, followed by the creation of any other officer positions and elections to fill these positions.


5.4.2  All current voting Officers who are present at the meeting may vote in officer elections. Officers and members who participate remotely via electronic means such that they can contemporaneously hear all other attendees at the meeting, shall be deemed to be present at the meeting. Voting by proxy is not permitted for election of officers.


5.5    Statutory Officers to be elected

The following statutory positions shall be elected, in the following order:

·      President

·      Vice-President

·      Recording Secretary

·      Corresponding Secretary

·      Treasurer


5.6    Other Officers to be Elected

5.6.1 Following the election of the statutory positions, The Executive Officers may nominate the establishment of other positions through a seconded motion. The Officers shall vote on the adoption of each of these positions, and the vote shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of Officers then in office in order for the position to be established. The position shall be established for one (1) year, until the start of the next Annual General Meeting of the Executive Board.


5.6.2  Following the establishment of any other officer positions, elections will then be held to fill these positions, which shall be held in an order as determined by the Chair.


5.7    Nominations - Nominations must be collected by the Recording Secretary in office no later than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the meeting of the Board in which this election process is to be used, in writing or by electronic mail.


5.8   Eligibility -Any BAAC Member seeking election of any statutory position must be in good financial status with both the UIAA and the BAAC.  This individual must continue to be a dues paying member of the UIAA and BAAC while the office is held.


5.81  Any BAAC member seeking election of any statutory position must meet the basic requirements as described in the BAAC Roles addendum attached to this By-Laws document.


5.9  Voting - Any candidate may make a statement to the Board regarding their candidature. The presentation of such a statement shall take no longer than five minutes. The order of candidates' statements shall be determined by the Officer presiding over the election using a random selection process.


5.9.1  To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of affirmative votes from the members voting in the election.  Ballots should be cast marked with the name of an announced candidate or with the word “abstain.”  A candidate can withdraw at any time from subsequent votes.


5.9.2  In the case there are more than two candidates running and none receive a majority of affirmative votes in a vote, the vote is rerun with only the candidates receiving the two highest vote counts eligible. (This may result in more than two candidates being eligible.)  The vote is retaken in the case of a tie (either for first or second place on the result). The presiding officer uses a coin toss to choose which candidate is to remain eligible if the tie persists after the second vote.  A new call for candidates is made and the voting process restarts in the case where there is a single candidate but that candidate does not receive enough affirmative votes.


5.9.3  Members who participate remotely in a manner such that they can hear the proceedings of the meeting and be clearly heard by all other attendees, shall vote by announcing their vote to the election tellers.


5.10   Record of the Meeting - The minutes shall record the candidates nominated for each position and the elected candidate.


5.10 1 A candidate may request that the statement made to the Board in respect of their candidature be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.


5.11    Removal from Office - The process for the removal of Officers begins when membership of BAAC calls a vote of no-confidence of officers.  To do so would require a signed petition by 10 members of BAAC, presented no less than one week, before a BAAC general meeting.  All members of BAAC must be made aware of said petition prior to the general meeting, and a two-thirds majority vote of all BAAC present at the general meeting will constitute a vote of no-confidence.  Nominations for and elections of new officers will take place immediately after a vote of no-confidence has been cast.  

5.12    Casual Vacancies - If an office is vacated, the position may be filled at a subsequent regular meeting of the Executed Board, using these election procedures.




6.1    Proposed amendments to these bylaws must be submitted in writing to the President.  Amendments can be adopted at any time by a majority vote of the members upon thirty (30) days prior written notice of the proposed amendment to the members.

Approved and adopted in Chicago, Illinois
April 14, 2014

*By-Laws may be reviewed once each term







Communications Committee Objectives:

Focuses on the development of consistent communication with BAAC members, other alumni, campus units, and students. Oversees the dissemination of information about BAAC initiatives and events to members and other black alumni, faculty/staff, ad students via regular communication


Communication Committee Goals:

1.     Establish a strong social media presence (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

2.     Update, contribute, and maintain to the BAAC website

3.     Successfully promote events and alumni accomplishments

4.     Create and distribute a quarterly newsletter and content for the alumni magazine


Qualifications and Skills (Communications)

Members of this committee should have some or all of the following characteristics:

·       Experience in marketing, event promotions, web design, and/or video production

  • Ability to create quality promotional graphics within predetermined deadlines
  • Understanding of how to successfully use all social media platforms.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.

Programming Committee:

Organizes activities and events relevant to BAAC's mission to engage fellow alumni with each other, with UIC, and with students.


Programming Committee Goal:

1.     Organize relevant social and educational functions for BAAC

2.     Design promotional material for events (for print and web)

3.     Connect and collaborate with other alumni groups within UIC


Qualifications and Skills (Programming)

Members of this committee should have some or all of the following characteristics:

·       Experience in event planning or program coordination

  • Ability to successfully see a project thru from inception to execution (logistics)
  • Understanding of  how to organize quality events that support the BAAC mission
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. Must be able to work within a team
  • Ability to create annual events that reflect the needs of current undergrads and alumni
  • Understand how to build and maintain a brand





Membership Committee:

Aims to create membership recruitment and retention plans for BAAC.  Maintains the membership database, keeping contact information current and providing membership information to UIAA as needed.


Membership Committee Goals:

1.     Establish a positive relationship with all interested alumni and assess needs and resources

2.     Develop an alumni directory listing involvement levels and current industry

3.     Successfully coordinate the involvement of BAAC at campus events and activities

4.     Develop and oversee the Jr. Alumni to accurately assess current student needs.

5.     Create a matching system that connects younger and older alumni by industry

6.     Create a retention plan.


Qualifications and Skills (Membership)

Members of this committee should have some or all of the following characteristics:

·       Experience in program coordination, teaching, or counseling.

  • Ability to create directories or databases via excel and/or the web
  • Understanding of how to assess the needs of alumni and advise accordingly
  • Strong organizational and people skills. Must be able to keep accurate records
  • Must be able to connect with people: In person, phone time, emails, Social media
  • Follow up is critical and necessary with this committee.

University Relations Committee:

Establishes relationships with University departments and student organizations in order to increase alumni awareness, engagement, and involvement with current UIC students

University Relations Committee Goals:

1.     Establish and maintain relationships with key individuals at UIC

2.     Update BAAC on current and upcoming issues that may affect our students

3.     Successfully promote our events and solicit support from the administrative level

4.     Maintain a relevant presence on campus and work closely with the membership committee to call on influential alumni to help support our efforts


Qualifications and Skills (University relations)

Members of this committee should have some or all of the following characteristics:

·       Experience working with the staff and administration at UIC

  • Ability to meet with key individuals on campus to discuss student needs or concerns
  • Understanding of how UIC operates and functions at   the administrative level
  • Strong personal connections with influential past alumni

Fundraising/Scholarship Committee:

Oversees the establishment of scholarships for current UIC students.  Establishes criteria for BAAC scholarships, manages this program, and links students to existing scholarships.  Creates and markets a sponsorship program and fundraising activities to support BAAC's efforts.


University of Illinois Photographs courtesy of L. Brian Stauffer/University of Illinois