Welcome to the Black Alumni Advisory Council - AAAN IGNITE - New student reception - Saturday March 28, 2015 -12pm-2pm

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AAAN IGNITE - New student reception - Saturday March 28, 2015 -12pm-2pm

The Black Alumni Association has been asked by AAAN to support their upcoming new student reception taking place on Saturday March 28th from 12-2. The information below is an excerpt from the email request that was sent to BAAC this week. Please support this event if you have the time! Any questions or concerns regarding this event please contact Joe directly at jofields@uic.edu or 312 996 5565

The African American Recruitment and Enrollment Initiative Committee (AAREI) is a group composed of academic professionals from various units and faculty members from each of the respective undergraduate colleges devoted to the goal of increasing enrollment, retention and graduation rates of African American students at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  In continuing our respective institution’s efforts to foster diversity and a global perspective, AAREI aims to increase the number of academically qualified underrepresented students, specifically from
the African American community to better reflect ethnic diversity in the enrolling first year class at the university. Developed in the Fall 2012, AAREI has respectively coordinated activities geared to recruit and yield academically qualified African American students through strategic inquiry, applicant and enrollment stages to achieve stated mentioned goal. 

One of the showcase successes that was developed from this committee has been the annual new student reception hosted by various AAREI committee members.   The reception provides newly admitted students and their families with a glimpse of the various support and opportunities available at our respective institution.  The New Student Reception will be held on:

Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 12pm—2pm at the Admissions Visitor Center located at the Student Service Building (1200 W. Harrison St.). 

University of Illinois Photographs courtesy of L. Brian Stauffer/University of Illinois