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African American Academic Network Convocation 2010

Come celebrate with the class of 2010

The African American Academic Network (AAAN) is a UIC recruitment and retention program
committed to the success of African American students. 

The AAAN Convocation is an annual ceremony conducted by the African American
Academic Network for graduating students (undergraduates, graduates, and
professional). It is an opportunity presented to African American students to come
together and celebrate their achievement along with their family,  friends, and supporters.

Students who finished all course work in Fall 2009, Spring 2010, or Summer 2010
are allowed to participate in the AAAN 2010 convocation.

The convocation is on May 7, 2010.
Reception: 6:30pm
Ceremony : 7:30pm

Please join BAAC in congratulationg and ackowledging the achievements of the Class of 2010!

University of Illinois Photographs courtesy of L. Brian Stauffer/University of Illinois