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BAAC Committees

BAAC members can serve the council via the following committees:

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Damien Sapulding
  • Focuses on the development of consistent  communication with BAAC members, other alumni, campus units, and students.  Oversees the dissemination of information about BAAC initiatives and events to members and other black alumni, faculty/staff, ad students via regular communication.


Fundraising/Scholarship Committee

  • Chair:  Vacant
  • Oversees the establishment of scholarships for current UIC students.  Establishes criteria for BAAC scholarships, manages this program, and links students to existing scholarships.  Creates and markets a sponsorship program and fundraising activities to support BAAC's efforts.


Membership Committee

  • Chair:  Mindy Chappell
  • Aims to create membership recruitment and retention plans for BAAC.  Maintains the membership database, keeping contact information current and providing membership information to UIAA as needed.


University Relations Committee

  • Chair:  Stephanie Whitaker
  • Establishes relationships with University departments and student organizations in order to increase alumni awareness, engagement, and involvement with current UIC students.


Programming Committee

  • Chair:  Joshua McNabb
  •  Organizes activities and events relevant to BAAC's mission to engage fellow alumni with each other, with UIC, and with students.



University of Illinois Photographs courtesy of L. Brian Stauffer/University of Illinois